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Dispute Resolution

The term "Dispute” refers to the process by which a complaint / dispute, initiated by the Customer with respect to his/her Credit Information Report (CIR), dispute to be either valid and data to be updated or to be rejected and data remain as it is per data provider response and subsequently updated.

The Customer has the right to raise a dispute, if the data or information in the Credit Information Report (CIR) is inaccurate. The Consumer has to first generate a Self-Inquiry Report, and if he / she finds some inacurate data in the report then can raise a dispute. This must be done within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving the Report.

The process can be classified into two main actions

·         Dispute registration

·         Dispute resolution


1- Dispute registration

The customer has to visit the bank / company He / she is dealing with, and ask for a copy of his own Credit report" Self Inquiry Report" and within 15 (fifteen) days the customer can raise a dispute after filling in the dispute form and mark on the inaccurate information and submit it to the Bank/Company where he /she generated the report or it can be submitted directly to I-Score. The Customer should keep a copy of his/her own Credit Report along with the disputed data.

Dispute Registration Documentation

To raise a dispute, the customer should have a copy of their own report on which there is a reason to dispute inaccurate information along with a copy of the National Identification Card, and the supporting documents if available .

In cases of an Small and Medium Enterprise "SME"; a copy of the Commercial registry and copy of the representative National Identification Number also needs to submit an authorization letter to the representative to raise dispute on behalf of the SME.


2- Dispute resolution

After I-Score receives the dispute from the Bank/ Company; I-Score Dispute department shall check if the dispute is valid to be raised or not.

If the dispute reason is a result from the data submitted by the members, I-Score shall communicate the details of the dispute to be checked by the data provider (I-Score member) and reply either by confirming if the dispute is valid or not. In case it is valid, the data disputed shall be corrected within 15 (fifteen) working days of receiving the Dispute details.

If the dispute reason is resulted from I-Score data processing, the details of the dispute shall be checked by I-Score Dispute Department and corrected by I-Score within 10 (ten) working days from receiving the dispute.

However, if the customer does not accept the dispute result or that the dispute is found to be invalid by I-Score member, dispute can be re-opened and sent to the member who provided the data on which there is a dispute. If the customer does not accept the resolution result, I-Score Dispute Department has the right to proceed to close the Dispute.