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Request Personal Credit Report


"Self Inquiry" is the process by which the customer can obtain a copy of his / her / its own Credit Information Report (CIR). The Self Inquiry report is issued by I-Score and contains all or part of the customer's information and data available in the credit file or summary as data submitted from Banks/Companies the customer is dealing with. It is recommended that every customer and Legal Entity to periodically obtain their Self Inquiry Report and inspect the information furnished in it.

CIR - Applying & Delivery

The Customer can request the Self Inquiry Report from the Banks list  (provided below) after filling in the Self Inquiry form and paying the requested fees.

The Self Inquiry Report is to be submitted to the customer directly.

 Click to download Consumer Self Inquiry Form

Click to download  SME Self Inquiry Form

Click to download List of Banks and Companies which provide Self Inquiry & Dispute Service - Feb 2013 edition (Arabic only)

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