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Credit Report - Individual / Consumer

The Credit Report contains information pertaining to credit worthiness of the customers thus enabling Credit Grantors to assess credit risk more objectively and minimizing the risk of bad debts, increase market penetration and increase volume of credit extended.

Information in the Credit Report is collected from the members of the Credit Bureau.

The information in a consumer credit report includes:

  • Customer Detials
    • Name and Address
    • Identification
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
  • Credit Facility Details
    • Facility details - Account Status, relation to the facility granted, Number of Installments Due, etc.
    • Suit Filed Details
    • Complaint / Dispute Details
  • Credit History Details
    • Positive: 2 years
    • Negative: from 3-10 Years (as per Central Bank of Egypt Regulations) 
  • Number of Inquiries 

New Credit Report Sample

Explanation of New Credit Report_Arabic Only