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Credit Report - SME

The Credit Report contains information that helps credit providers to enhance credit risk management and to administer a faster, more objective credit assessment process. Information in the credit report is collated from the members of the Credit Bureau.

The information in a SME credit report includes:

  • SME Profile
    • Entity Name and Address
    • Identification
  • Relationship Details
  • Credit Facility Details
    • Facilities details- Account status, relation to the facility granted, number of installments due...etc.
    • Legal actions and negative list details.
    • Complaint / Dispute Details
  • Credit History Details
    • Positive: 2 years
    • Negative: 3-10 Years ( as per Central Bank of Egypt Regulations)
  • Number of Inquiries

The Credit Bureau Products and Services does not give any opinions, indicate nor comment if credit should or should not be granted in the credit report.