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Other Value Added Products


    A Credit Score is the result of advanced analytical models that take a "snapshot" of the consumer's credit report and translate it into a three digit number (ranging between 300 min and 850 max) representing the amount of risk a consumer brings into a particular transaction. As a result of Credit Scoring, Lenders can make faster and more objective credit decisions.

    The higher the Credit Score the more credit worthy is the consumer.

    Lenders retain complete control over their lending decisions and set their own score levels.

    A Credit Score is calculated based on five basic indicators available in the credit history namely,

Payment history (weight is 35%)

Amounts owned (weight 30%)

Length of Credit History (weight 15%)

Types of Credit in use (weight 10%)

Inquiries made for new credit (weight 10%)

  • P2P - Is a system which enables the members to recall the reports in a XML Format to be able to use it in other applications which are used.
  • PORTIFOLIO REVIEW - Complete review of members active credit accounts
  • BANKRUPTCY - Availing the historical Bankruptcy data for the past 15 years.
  • MIS REPORTS - Monitoring and analyzing the credit portfolio for each product ( credit cards, personal loans,...etc). Provides and in-depth analysis of various credit products
  • MIS REPORTS - PEER COMPARISON - Satatistical Reports providing comparative data vs. four other Peer Banks of choice. 
  • ACCOUNT MONITORING - The service will work as an alert system to minimize risk by sending immediate notifications to I-Score members ( Upon services registration ) incase any of their customers is defaulted in any other I-Score member database. The service will also improve efficiency by identifying any updates in the customer profile..
  • NATIONAL ID VERIFICATION - Complete verification of National ID numbers ( previously collected from National Civil Authority) against member's database.
  • APPLICATION SCORING - A Service in cooperation with FICO International to process new applications for various types of Credit. Scorecards are built for the Banks according to the requirements and standards of each Bank as well as rules engine so that member Banks can implement strategies based on the results of the two Scores.
  • SIGNATURE VERIFICATION - Recording and retrieving authorized signatures of Bank employees including the authorities of each signatory.
  • SUSPECTED CASES REGISTRATION - Recording and retrieving any suspected cases which Bank customers may provide which Banks deem inaccurate.
  • BANKRUPTCY - Availiing Bankruptcy verdicts for the past 15 years.
  • SELF INQUIRY VIA INTERNET USING PKI - Providing the service for individual customers to extract their own credit report via Internet ( link via I-Score website) using a secured Token on which the individual digital signature shall be recorded.

 For more details and price for each product, please contact I-Score directly.