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Join I-Score

Why join I-Score?

With I-Score, your organization can:

  • Obtain all information about your organization's customers, whether associated with credit companies, financial institutions, retailers OR credit providers. If by banks or other views from all available sources of information.
  • Use the certified official records of information provided and analyzed by I-Score to better understand your customer's credit behavior, thereby minimize the risk  

You can join I-Score if :

  • Your organization provides good and services on credit

How can you became a member with I-Score?

  • I-Score have a full team dedicated to serve you on the spot.

Methods of applying:

  • By Fax: please send a fax with your company profile to +202 35370780 addressed to Mrs. Cheriffa Adel, Account Executive.
  • Direct phone:  02 353 10 772
  • E-mail:

Target Sectors

  • Government Funds
  • Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Telecommunication
  • Car Rental
  • Real Estate


  • Brokerage and financial corporations
  • Installment & investment institutions
  • New Members Training
  • I-Score will conduct a one day training course for new member staff to explain I-Score services and functions