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What our clients think?

  • "I-Score has been a great help in providing detailed information on the spot..", Mohamed Farrag, HSBC

  • "With I-Score in the picture, our credit facility decisions are more effective.." Samia Samy, Credit Agricole .

  • "From day to day, I-Score goes to in confident steps toward the future. At the begining, we had fears of this newly born organization, but after 5 years past we should admit that we got astonished of this group of people who achieved something really beyond our expectation and they believe that there is no limit foer their ambitions." Ahmed Aziz, Blom Bank Egypt.

  • "We found I-Score to be of great benefit for obtaining information. It is very quick and accurate. However the database ha mainly individuals data. But as a leasing company we deal mainly with companies it would be more beneficial to us if it included companies with credit lines larger than one million Egyptian pounds. Staff are very friendly and helpful." Hala Zaki, Inclosease.

  • "Financial reforms, in specific the Banking sector which recommend since 2004, required that the Egyptian Credit Bureau be established. The first private Credit Bureau in Egypt has successfully played its role in providing accurate credit information for consumers of the banking sector in addition to the value added services which it provides such as scoring. While it is still a growing company, the Egyptian Credit Bureau "I-Score" has proved to be integral in kind and quality of the services it provides, and we expect it to grow to be recognized internationally as a leading Credit Bureau." Salah El Hodeiny, Export Development Bank.